We Have the Competitive Advantage for Today’s Commercial Printers

It seems fair to start with a definition of what we mean by Commercial Print if we are going to share how to have the ultimate competitive advantage. Keypoint Intelligence, the combination of Buyers Lab and InfoTrends, has 25 years of experience providing leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting for the digital imaging and document solutions industry. They define Commercial Print as:

Work that is completed for pay and encompasses a range of printed products that includes mailstream products like direct marketing, catalogs and magalogs, as well as non-mailstream products like point of sale and other marketing collateral, pitch books, posters, banners, magazines and books.

If that sounds like your printing environment, then we want to make sure you are aware of the competitive advantage you can gain from getting Scodified. It starts with our latest advancements in our digital enhancement presses, the Scodix Ultra Family of Presses. Our Scodix Ultra presses are two of the most versatile digital print enhancement engines on the market today. With up to 9-unique, high-end enhancement applications available in a single, inline engine we make it possible to elevate each print project to a show piece for your customers.

With the Scodix Ultra Presses you can achieve:
• Scodix Sense™—our one-of-a-kind process for applying digital print enhancements using our printing presses.
• Scodix Spot—a selective spot varnish that is a recreation of traditional analog varnish applications.
• Scodix Foil—an inline module that provides foil and embossing applications for short and medium print runs.
• Scodix Metallic—apply metallic coloring using the CMYK color process of the Scodix Sense system without the need for offline hot foil stamping.
• Scodix VDE/VDP—this feature offers clients the ability to provide barcodes, security verification, quality control and variable data print enhancements.
• Scodix Cast&Cure—add high impact 3D-holographic effects to your print project for the ultimate ability to stand out from the crowd.
• Scodix Crystal—create dimensional items on your printed page with a high-build polymer application. Many uses including greeting cards and direct mail.
• Scodix Braille—the innovative Scodix Inkjet-Braille™ solution is designed to provide a better quality of life for blind and visually impaired people.

You might be asking yourself if the investment is really worth it; will the ROI of the competitive investment really pay back? In a recent Printing Impressions article, they share research numbers on the growth of commercial print. In 2017, the industry grew approximately 1%. For 2018, they are projecting a 1.5-3% growth in the industry. Add to that research we have shared before on the digital print enhancement market that is currently estimated to grow to a $1 billion marketing by 2020 and you have some significant opportunity you can tap into. And that doesn’t even take into account adjacent moves to markets like packaging.

Another interesting data point from the Printing Impressions article is that print sales ended 2017 with a total of $84 billion. That is approximately 9% above the 2011 recession low and about 15% off the pace of the pre-2007 print sales revenue. The good news is that print is continuing to stay strong and 75% of commercial printers’ revenue still comes from print. And now is the time to add tools that will let you continue to grow your share of the market and beat out the competition.

We believe that be getting Scodified and investing in new print technology that will give you flexibility, quality and more opportunities to win business, your business and team will thrive. Contact us today to start exploring all the possibilities. We also invite you to order a sample and feel the Scodified difference today. Feeling is believing.

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