Two Sure Fire Ways to Save Money With Scodified Print in 2019

Recently, we talked about the proposed return of the USPS Promotions for postal savings in the United States. Those programs have now been officially approved. And this is important to you as a printer because the first program that can be registered for is aimed at enhanced print that engages the senses.

The program is called the Tactile, Sensory & Interactive (TSI) Promotion. Some may remember it from 2017, but may not have been able to take advantage of the 2% postal discount for their mailings. 2019 is a time you can seek to gain this advantage and our Scodix technology is here to support those efforts.

What exactly is the TSI promotion? The USPS says:

The Tactile, Sensory & Interactive (TSI) Promotion leverages the technological advances within the print industry that encourages sensory engagement with a mailpiece. The TSI promotion encourages marketers to incorporate innovative techniques and treatments on their mailpieces in order to drive their customer engagement and response rates.

The idea of sensory engagement and improved recognition as a result is something we have been talking about in Digital Print Enhancement for several years. In fact, we invite you to look back at a blog post we shared entitled: The 5 Senses and How They Drive Brand Selection.

The power of the senses is proven to change perception—the exact goal of pairing tactile and sensory experiences to print in order to drive more print and mail, as well as, customer engagement with those delivered materials.

Create this strong connection and drive savings of up to 2% with the USPS TSI Promotion program. Here are two sure fire ways to qualify:

Specialty Inks

Scodix specializes in print that stands out from the crowd and, in this case, we also have expertise in producing print that will qualify for the TSI special inks requirements. Grabbing a 2% discount is easier than you might think. When producing your projects make sure to incorporate the Scodix Cast&Cure application to produce engaging 3D holographic visual effects. Our Scodix Cast&Cure is a technology we officially launched at PRINT 18 just this past September and October. Since a holographic image changes appearance when viewed from different angles, it qualifies for the TSI requirement of optically variable inks. Be sure to reach out to your representative to engage with some Scodified samples.

Specialty Papers

This might seem like a bit of a stretch for many printers, but Scodix can make it possible to obtain a discount in this area as well. The key ingredient is that the visual and textural effect have to be visible and distinguishable. In short, you have to be able to feel them when you pick up the printed project. So, either the paper has to have the texture within it or you have to coat the paper in order to give it the difference that can be sensed by touch. For those with a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press there are several different options. A sure-fire option is using Scodix Crystal to create real 3D dimensional items with high-build polymer. In fact, it can be used for decorative applications, as well as, communication through Braille for those with low vision. Another option could be to create wood or other textures that can be easily seen and felt using Scodix SENSE for high gloss and variable densities. Both give you the ability to meet the requirements of the TSI program and gain a 2% USPS postage discount.

Now there are a few things you need to know before get started. One is that the discount will only be applied to USPS Marketing and USPS Non-Profit Marketing Mail. If you aren’t up on your USPS definitions, they consider this type of mailings to be printed matter, flyers, circulars, advertising, newsletters, bulletins, and catalogs. Keep in mind that First Class Mail is not eligible. You can learn more about the definition of Marketing Mail on the USPS website. While all the details are not included in this blog on the TSI promotion and program, you can find all the information on the PostalPro website. We encourage you to take a look. Then contact your Scodix representative or request a sample to begin your Scodified journey.


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