The Tipping Point: The Need Beyond CMYK

On our return from an incredible drupa 2016, we can’t help but reflect on what the show means for the printing and packaging industries as whole. The international trade fair was merely a tipping point for the true value print service providers (PSPs) and folding carton manufacturers can provide for brands across the globe.

There’s an opportunity for PSPs and packaging providers to go beyond the short run capabilities of digital printing. There’s the opportunity to truly make an impact on the way their customers are perceived in the mailbox, on the shelf, and beyond. The opportunity to highlight, polish, and upgrade digitally (and even offset) printed goods beyond the traditional CMYKimprint is becoming a priority – and it’s spanning worldwide.

At drupa, it was clear to us that many within our industry have begun to shift from this thought that in order to succeed it’s all about creating shorter, high-quality runs with digital printing. There’s a desire – better yet…a NEED to take the finishing processes a step further to infuse their printed products with value-adding luxury while cutting costs. And with gaining over 100 new customers at the show, it’s clear to us they’re turning to Scodix to do that.

Perhaps the most exciting part is the fact that it’s not just one part of the world recognizing that there is a true need for enhancement and embellishments for short to medium quantities. Instead – our Scodix machines will be installed in over 20 countries across all five continents. The need to enhance finishing processes is truly felt worldwide.

During drupa 2012, many industry analysts predicted that digital enhancement was the hot topic to watch, and Scodix was one company to keep their eyes on. Fast forward to 2016, and digital enhancement is no longer just a prediction or a hot topic. It’s at a tipping point and propelling companies forward into new profit-generating opportunities.

Are you ready to propel your business forward? Don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a discussion about moving your business beyond CMYK.

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