Set Your Print Apart from the Rest: 3 Ways to Make It Happen

Being able to differentiate your print from your competition is important when selling print. Recently, we have talked about the Digital Print Enhancement market and the some $1.3 billion it is expected to be in 2020. But how do you set yourself apart? And why is it important?

To answer why it is important, we want to look back at the study published by the Royal Mail a few years back. It look at whether we as consumers value and retain digital experiences at the same level as a medium we can touch, such as print. Royal Mail published this statistic, one we find a lot of value in even several years after the study: “People value something they can touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.”

We like to pair this with the idea that this helps drive action or even the selection of a brand. Something a Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press can then directly impact in a positive way through digital print enhancement. And it is significant due to research from folks like Contact Magazine that shows that 60% of their respondents made a brand their first selection when it engaged four of the five senses.

With print, generally, you engage only the sense of sight. With digital enhancement you can engage touch as well. Add other digital bridges like augmented reality and you have a pretty compelling experience for those with your printed piece in their hand.

Adding to that, there are stats that say 92% of respondents who felt something as a result of receiving valued mail, did something. Now that is powerful if you put it all together. And we can help. 2018 will be here before you know it, so here are 3 ways you can set your print apart from the competition out there along with the technology to get you there:

The Power of Touch
Print is print, right? Well, no; not all print is created equal…and we aren’t just talking about image quality. In fact, a majority of digital print is printed on coated stocks, so you basically feel a smooth finish with very little texture. Much of the digital print landscape uses coated due to the technology capabilities. The advantage with a Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press, or the recently announced Ultra2 Pro, is that you can take coated, uncoated or even other types of substrates and make them a wonderland for the sense of touch. Whether you are trying to create a jeweled look or give the wood in your image a real grain and texture, Scodix printing technology can make it possible. We invite you to experience the difference in our Before and After Gallery or request a print sample so you can feel the difference in person. You won’t believe the incredible textures that are achievable or the visual impact for the breakout print project.

Imagine the Impact of Color
If you Google the impact of color on consumers, there is lots of research that shows how color can be used successfully to highlight information. However, color doesn’t stand out quite the way it used to. To make color pop and highlight the information we want people to see today, printers need to shift to what in the past has been considered specialty printing techniques. Digital printing helps give access to specialty applications such as metallic color inks, high gloss and matte finishes, and something the Scodix Sense process calls the “lens effect”. When we talk about touch, it can be subtle. With the different finishes a Scodix Ultra is capable of you can lay a range of matte and gloss finishes that you can feel as you interact with the printed piece. Add metallic inks and the “lens effect” process, and you create an experience that makes color stand out; a result that research shows will make many take action.

Feel the Dimension
When we say, “feel the dimension”, we aren’t talking about 3D printing. While that is pretty cool too, we are speaking to the digital print enhancement of being able to put microns of polymer onto a page to create dimension for people to feel. From our Crystal technology to embossing and Braille applications for accessibility, with a Scodix Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Press we help our clients create one-of-a-kind print pieces where you can feel the brick, the texture of the suit jacket or the shape of a bottle on the cover. Want to feel a basketball on your sports piece? Take a look at our Before and After Gallery to see how we make it happen. The dimension will truly set you apart from the basic ink on page printer down the street.

No matter what digital print enhancement technology you are looking for, our team at Scodix can help your customers create a more engaging and responsive message through print. Learn more by contact us today.

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