Scodix Technology Helps Printers Save 2% on Postage in 2020

December is the time of year where we think about the holidays, giving back to people and the coming year. From a business perspective, it is a time for reflection and planning; a period where organizations like yours assess how well they have met their 2019 goals and what goals they want to achieve in the new year. In printing, cost savings considerations are always a part of the outlook equations as expense management is key in staying relevant and successful in the printing industry.

To that end, our Scodix team is always looking out for ways to help our printers drive more business and be more efficient while being able to on-board new technology at an affordable cost. In 2019, we were able to announce new technology offerings that made digital print enhancements easier to obtain at a more affordable price. We discuss in detail in our blog Digital Print Enhancement Just Got More Affordable, but the synopsis is that the Scodix Ultra 101 gives printers the option to attach the digital enhancement finishing capabilities to an offset press or HP Indigo printer for exceptional value and access to what has been described as a $1.3 billon print market by 2020.

Accessibility to technology that can open the doors to more business and ultimately cost savings. At Hunkeler Innoationdays 2019, Amit Shvartz talks about this very perspective on Podcasts from the Printerverse—something you can take a listen to below.

On the cost savings front, in December 2018 we talked about how U.S. print and mail customers could save money in “two surefire ways”. This is all made possible by the Postal Promotions Program via the United States Postal Service (USPS). And these programs afford mailpieces that meet certain qualifications the ability to obtain a 2% discount in postage.

The particular program that Scodix technology can help you leverage is the Tactile, Sensory & Interactive (TSI) Promotion. In 2019, this is how the program is defined by the USPS:

The Tactile, Sensory & Interactive (TSI) Promotion leverages the technological advances within the print industry that encourages sensory engagement with a mailpiece. The TSI promotion encourages marketers to incorporate innovative techniques and treatments on their mailpieces in order to drive their customer engagement and response rates.

The good news is that we expect that this program to be defined the same for 2020 and be approved this December 2019.

The key to this program is that you connect with recipients of print and mail in a way that leverages concepts of science and human nature. The USPS describes it on the Postal Promotions site in this language:

The print industry continues to develop innovations in papers/stocks, substrates, finishing techniques and inks. New print elements can be incorporated in a mail campaign to engage a multi-sensory experience through special visual effects, sound, scent, texture/tactile treatments, and even taste. In addition, interactive mailpiece features (such as pop-ups, infinite folds, or other dimensional treatments) can help drive customer engagement. Neuroscience and neuromarketing research suggests that marketing materials that engage tactile experiences and/or other senses lead to potentially significant impacts on brand recognition and message recall. By leveraging advances in print and finishing technology, marketers and mailers can enhance the way consumers interact and engage with mail to drive customer engagement and response rates.

Those with Scodix digital enhancement print technology, are able to meet the requirements of the TSI program by utilizing specialty inks and specialty papers. Let’s take a quick look at these ideas so you can explore in more depth with a Scodix Representative.

Specialty Inks
When producing projects for the TSI program, make sure to incorporate the Scodix Cast&Cure application to produce engaging 3D holographic visual effects. Our Scodix Cast&Cure is a technology we officially launched at PRINT 18 and have continued to refine. Since a holographic image changes appearance when viewed from different angles, it qualifies for the TSI requirement of optically variable inks. Be sure to reach out to your representative to request samples of this interesting and easy-to-use technology.

Specialty Papers
This might seem like a bit of a stretch for many printers, but Scodix can make it possible to obtain a discount in this area as well. The key ingredient is that the visual and textural effect have to be visible and distinguishable. In short, the requirement is to feel a difference when you pick up the printed project. That means, either the paper has to have the texture within it or you have to coat the paper in order to give it a noticeable difference that can be sensed by touch. A sure-fire option is using Scodix Crystal to create real three-dimensional (3D) items with our high-build polymer methodology. In fact, it can be used for decorative applications, as well as, communication through Braille for those with low vision. Another option could be to create wood or other textures that can be easily seen and felt using Scodix SENSE™ for high gloss and variable densities. Both avenues should meet the requirements of the TSI program and gain a 2% USPS postage discount. And of course, the review committee at the USPS is committed to helping you as you plan your project, submit it for approval and ultimately execute.

The bottom-line is don’t wait in 2020. The registration period in 2019 started December 15th, we expect that they will be releasing the approved programs any minute. Be sure to get your ducks in a row and leverage this 2% discount starting in January of 2020. If history holds, you will be able to gain the discount through July.

We look forward to helping you implement a Scodix digital enhancement press and do more with your print offerings. All it takes is one click to contact a Scodix Representative.


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