Scodified Web-to-Print Set to Revolutionize Online Print and Delivery Offerings

Recently, we discussed the state of Web-to-Print (W2P) today and the power Scodix is bringing to that portion of the digital printing marketplace with their Scodix Studio W2P offering. Our blog, Web-to-Print Receives the Power of Digital Print Enhancement Elevating Consumer Impact, positions web-to-print in today’s printing marketplace while sharing data for why adding digital print enhancement just makes sense.

To recap just a bit; W2P is estimated to be a $23 billion market today…and set to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.7 percent. Ultimately, projections push the value up to some $30 billion in 2023. Pair that with the $917 million valuation of the digital print enhancement market from Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends a few years back and its estimated growth to $1.3 billion in 2020, and you have a compelling reason to take a look at adding a more capable W2P offering in your print shop.

W2P is all about allowing people to use the web to facilitate the quoting, production and delivery of printed goods. Some W2P interfaces, or portals, even allow you to create a new printed material from scratch or a predefined template. For the internet generations, it not only makes sense to do this, it reduces the time to market and the costs associated with setup.

However, there has been something missing from most W2P portals…the ability to add digital print enhancement embellishments and finishing to a printed piece. What are we talking about? Think of adding foil to highlight designs, cast & cure films, glitter and dimensional polymers for purposeful texture like wood grain or even braille communications.

Why does this matter? Digital print enhancements have been shown to elevate the perceived value of the printed piece by anywhere from 50 to 400 percent. And the marketplace had been projected to grow at an impressive 14 percent CAGR. Data that all rolls together to illustrate that stand out print like that produced on a Scodix digital enhancement press makes an impact with print buyers and end-consumers. A point we have actually talked about in the past…the senses drive positive brand impressions and long-term associations that can be turned into loyalty.

In our white paper, How digital enhancement delivers rapid ROI in a thriving, but competitive, Web-to-Print landscape, we share with our current and future customers the state of the marketplace, the applications driving W2P and the potential for more profitability when you integrate our latest technology advancement in the Scodix Studio W2P software with your online W2P solution. And of course you will need a Scodix digital enhancement press as well.

There is also real-world proof that this does positively impact a print business. As mentioned in our press release and white paper, District Photo has not only implemented our new W2P software solution, but they have revolutionized their print offerings for their customers like Costco, CVS Pharmacies and Walmart. The technology gives them an automated way of offering a custom and engaging printed solution that could include enhancements such as Scodix Foil™, Scodix Sense™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix VDE™, Scodix Braille™, Scodix Crystals™, Scodix Cast&Cure™, Scodix Metallic and Scodix Spot™, high-quality UV coating and glitter.

Julian Marsh, Director Commercial Printing, District Photo, says, “It is of vital importance that each product we deliver as part of our web-to-print service is of the upmost quality and fits the requirements of the customer. The Scodix digital enhancement press allows us to add the luxurious embellishments needed to make our customers feel that they’re producing something special. This level of enhancement is not something we were able to offer before with our online service. Personalisation is an increasingly popular trend and one we know our customers love.”

We invite you to read the full District Photo Press Release to better understand the full impact this new technology is having on their nearly 60-year-old business. Then, reach out to your Scodix Representative to find out how you can start your print shop’s W2P transformation.


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