Save Money and Increase Customer Engagement – The USPS Makes it Easy

The End of June is fast approaching; as hard as that is to believe. The halfway mark in the year represents a time where we review our successes and our failures, the programs that worked and those that did not. It is also a time where we reinvigorate our teams and forge ahead to have a successful second half—and ultimately year end. At Scodix, we are always looking for a scodified way to help our clients meet these goals. At the end of 2016 we published ways you could leverage the USPS Mail Promotions in 2017 to make it a breakout year for you and for your customers.

So here is the big question…Did you take advantage of the USPS promotional program in first half?

Don’t worry if you haven’t taken advantage of the programs or offered it to your customers yet; it is always hard to get started, especially with something new and unfamiliar. There is still time and you might be surprised at the difference it could make. And for those who did take advantage of the programs in first half, we have some ideas and reminders of opportunities you can leverage through the end of 2017.

In the 2016 USPS Mail Promotions, the postal service offered special periods where the USPS would give discounts for qualifying innovative mail – up to 5% for select programs. Like in 2016, the 2017 programs ranged from Earned Value and TransPromo for First-Class Mail® to Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement and Mobile Shopping for standard mail. The benefit of these promotions for printers is an easy way to deliver more and better digital print while obtaining a simple discount from the USPS. It lets you grab a hold of an opportunity to add value for your clients, while at the same time reducing the cost of delivery through the mail. In a recent InfoTrends, a KeyPoint Intelligence Company, presentation, it was shared that a large corporation was able to achieve over a million dollars in postal savings by taking advantage of the Emerging & Technology promotion with the addition of Augmented Reality (AR) to their mailing envelope.

While you can’t add Augmented Reality with a Scodix Ultra Pro digital enhancement press, you will be able to leverage Scodix Sense™ making it possible to take advantage of high gloss and variable densities – making colors really POP and creating print you can feel. This will help you see benefits from the 2017 Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Promotion that requires mailpieces to have specialty inks and finishing techniques, papers or interactive elements. Examples include Foil and Crystals that can be placed on substrates that range from paper to PVC and cardboard.

The USPS Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement promotion offers this to mailers:

Leverages some of the latest technological advances within the print industry, providing marketers with exciting new ways to enhance and encourage sensory engagement with a mailpiece. The print industry has been actively innovative not only in print production equipment, but the fundamental elements of the mail itself through new developments in papers/stocks, substrates, finishing techniques and inks. These elements can be incorporated to engage a multi-sensory experience through special visual effects, sound, scent, texture/tactile treatments and even taste.

A Scodix Ultra Pro provides an “easy button” for producing inline digital printing that meets with the USPS promotion guidelines for Tactical, Sensory and Interactive Mailpiece Engagement. In our recent blog we show how our clients have been successful leveraging their Scodix equipment for significant benefits to their business. Then, once you have a Scodix up and running, you can explore all the standout print and finishing techniques that are achievable inline on your engine. We invite you to read our standout finishing blog to invigorate your imagination and get some great print ideas. As a preview, you will learn about Scodix Foil, Crystals and Holographs; features that will allow you to register your mailpieces with the USPS and take advantage of the discounts that for large customers could equal millions of dollars over a year.

Be sure to explore all the discount programs. For those new to the USPS promotions and dealing with short runs, you should consider the new Direct Mailer Starter Program. But you must register and take advantage of the program by July 31, 2017. This first-time mailer program is limited to 10,000 mailpieces and presents the opportunity to offer customers savings on their short run mail campaigns through the summer this year.

See the power of one press, a wide range of outputs and the ability to drive more business through the end of 2017 and beyond. Discover the possibilities by ordering a sample today or by contacting a Scodix digital print enhancement specialist today. Remember, scodified print is something you have to touch to believe.

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