Brenda Baird, CEO at MagnetStreet, discusses creating a balance between the creative and financial needs of a printing business, using packaging as a messaging device to educate and communicate with customers, and how Scodix Digital Print Enhancement helped them increase sales with new print possibilities. Hosted by Deborah Corn in December 2021. 

Matt Doran, CEO at The Anstadt Company, discusses transforming a 143-year-old, family-run print business into a marketing solutions provider, the impact Scodix Digital Print Enhancement has made on their customer relationships and bottom line, and why digital packaging and sustainability are on his opportunity and innovation radar. Hosted by Deborah Corn in November 2021. 

Jason Rollo, President of Scodix North America, discusses how the vast array of Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses and Scodix Studio Automation Workflow Packages enable speed to market and direct-to-consumer applications that give Print Service Providers a competitive advantage. Hosted by Deborah Corn in August 2021. 

Ziki Kuly, VP of APJ and Product Marketing at Scodix, shares how tailored innovations and a variety of Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Presses provide new possibilities for packaging services. Hosted by Deborah Corn in May 2021.