Reinvention with Scodix Digital Printing Proves to Be Award Worthy

The printing space is one that has seen a lot of change in the past few years, especially in digital printing. The technology continues to evolve, as does the quality and possibilities of the finished product. That change can be seen in our own developments and announcements here at Scodix, like that of the latest Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202—of which, we recently discussed the market changing affordability of the Scodix Ultra 101 here on our Scodified blog.

Like the market, we find that our clients are also looking to change in order to keep up with the needs of their customers and find new routes to growing markets. Some of them look at it as a reinvention of their business. This is exactly how our client StoneHouse Marketing Services looked at it when they evaluated their business earlier this year.

If you aren’t familiar with StoneHouse Marketing Services, they are a company based out of Norman, Oklahoma and were founded in 1995. Their original offering was the manufacturing of Teslin® loyalty cards and key tags that many of us have probably used in conjunction with loyalty programs from top retail brands. From there they have continued to expand into Variable Data Printing (VDP), affixing and packaging and direct mail with a reputation for focusing on quality and innovative print finishing for impactful finish products.

Innovative print finishing is where StoneHouse and Scodix intersect. Earlier this year, StoneHouse sought to add digital print enhancement capabilities to their print production environment; a move they saw as a competitive advantage to opening the doors to more opportunities. In February, their Vice President of Sales and Marketing had this to say:

“We believe that the Scodix Ultra2 Pro will be a valuable asset for our clients to add to their marketing strategies,” said Brian Mortensen, VP Sales/Marketing for StoneHouse. Traditionally, noted Mortensen, the company has outsourced all of its foil stamping and spot-UV enhancements. With the Ultra2 Pro, they are now bringing all of that work back in-house. “Within the last few months, we have purchased a range of new equipment to help us better serve our customers, as well as allow us to enter new markets,” added Mortensen.

It was the start of reinventing their business in order to do more for their current and future customers. You can read more about their implementation of Scodix printing technology in the full press release; however, we want to focus on the outcome from the strategic direction StoneHouse took back in February. It proved to be an award-winning change.

If you aren’t in the advertising market, then you might not have heard of the ADDYs. The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF club (American Advertising Federation Ad Club) competitions. The mission of the American Advertising Awards competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

The ADDYs are rolled out in a three-tier competition with the second tier being a 15-distric competition. The winners from the districts then compete at the National level for the pinnacle of the American Advertising Awards. Competition is fierce and you really have to bring your “A” game to place; which is where Scodix and StoneHouse prove the power of digital print enhancement technology. Utilizing Scodix embellishment technology on their poster series entry, StoneHouse was able to take home a Bronze award in the 10th district.

“We believe that the Scodix Ultra2 Pro is a valuable asset for our clients to add to their marketing strategies,” said Brian Mortensen, VP Sales/Marketing for StoneHouse.“Everyone who has seen it has liked the capability, and the fact that they don’t have to buy custom dies to do any foil. It’s not a hard sell to get them to try it.”

Mortensen also noted that currently StoneHouse is the only company in their region to offer Scodix technology, giving them another obvious and decisive edge over the competition. The proof is in the pudding—or in this case the acknowledgement by an independent and professional industry competition. And the best part is, your printing organization can reinvent itself as well by looking into and then implementing Scodix technology.

While we can’t design the pieces for you, the possibilities from 9-unique applications of digital print enhancement and a flexible range of implementations, makes Scodix a go-to partner for opening doors to new business and a stronger bottom line. Start your Scodified journey today by contacting us or requesting a sample. We look forward to assisting you as you shape the future of your print offerings.

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