Scodix Applications

Scodix offers an unprecedented selection of 10 different applications, which work seamlessly on a single Scodix digital enhancement press.

With 10 different Scodix applications, Print Service Providers (PSPs) can deliver highly differentiated premium products, in-house – without the need to outsource lamination, embossing, foil or other embellishments. In the printing industry’s rapid transformation from analog to digital printing, every Scodix application has become a powerful, high-quality and cost-effective replacement for the traditional analog machine.

Never before seen designs can now be easily produced using different combinations of applications, such as Scodix Sense™ on Scodix Foil™, Scodix Foil™ on foil and many other variations. Each of the 10 Scodix applications and additional combinations of Scodix applications provide PSPs with the unique ability to print any of them on a single press!

Scodix SHD™

Give brands the freedom to embellish any design defined by fine lines, intricate details and patterns, tiny text and large surface flat foiling. Finally, all is possible with Scodix Smart High-Definition.

Scodix Sense™

Achieve the effect of raised glossy embossing/textures, enabling PSPs, folding carton converters, designers and brand owners to transform ordinary products and applications into extraordinary creations.

Scodix Foil™

Print real foil, cost-effectively, without the need for dies and molds for short to medium runs; includes option to use variable data and personalize products using real foil to achieve unmatched foil enhancement results.

Scodix Spot™

Print selective spot varnish for short to medium runs, digitally recreating the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes, but without the set-up time or mess.

Scodix Cast&Cure™

Unique capability based on the Scodix Foil™ station design, creating high-impact, 3D-holographic dramatic effects.

Scodix Crystal™

Add colorful sparkle effects with Scodix Crystal™ and create real 3D items with a high-build polymer; replacing the manual positioning of crystals on products such as greeting cards and brochures.

Scodix Metallic™

Enables users to enhance prints with metallic coloring by simply using the Scodix Sense™ CMYK color process.

Scodix Glitter™

The usage of Scodix Foil with the texture of glitter and the combination of Scodix Sense with a pattern of glitter, enables users to get the look and the feel of real glitter without any mess all in a digital process.

Scodix VDE™

Accentuate the impact of digital enhancement with personalized, customized text and graphics using Scodix Sense™, variable data and Scodix Foil™, real foil, Scodix Cast&Cure and more, to achieve unmatched personalization enhancement results.

Scodix Braille™

Designed to provide a better quality of life for the blind and visually impaired around the world using this ultra innovative solution.

Scodix Uncoated

Scodix technology is uniquely capable of digitally enhancing uncoated substrates with quality integrity.