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Micro Lynx democratises high-end finishing with Scodix Foil investment

SCODIX, ISRAEL – May 15th, 2016 – Scodix, the leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announced that Micro Lynx, a 25-year-old digital and offset printing specialist located in Rennes (France), has added a Scodix Foil Station to its workflow. With a Scodix UltraPro Digital Enhancement Press already in its portfolio, CEO Olivier Venien sees the equipment making high quality enhancements – previously reserved for luxury products or high volume jobs – considerably more accessible for brands.

“Scodix Foil adds a touch of prestige to products, whether embossing, using Scodix Sense selective varnishing, adding high gloss or through the remarkable quality delivered by foils,” states Venien. “Not only are we now able to deliver these luxury enhancements on personalised and short-run jobs, but with the cost savings made on eradicating the outsourcing of foiling / tooling costs and set-up time, we can make high-end finishing available to those even on tight budgets. Following this investment we are now also looking to move to new markets such as high-end packaging, because even in such an aggressively competitive market, it is clear that we can provide added value for brands in this sector.”

Micro Lynx installed the first Scodix press in France in 2011, and in 2014 upgraded the platform to a Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press. Proving the quality of Scodix cutting-edge technology, Micro Lynx had no doubts in selecting its next investment.

“Operating in the digital and offset print sectors is challenging, with a lot of capacity in the marketplace. At Micro Lynx we pride ourselves in leading the way in R&D investment; it gives us a distinct advantage over other suppliers as we are able to offer our customers the best of what technology has to offer. We had already proven the flawless registration capability and quality management of the Scodix technology through our Scodix UltraPro press, so expanding our range of applications further made perfect sense for us. By introducing Scodix Foil we are cementing our competitive edge and providing our customers with new capabilities to showcase their originality,” comments Venien.

Scodix Foil offers the most colour intensive metallic foils available, and preserves their impact by using Scodix proprietary polymers, rather than heat, to lay them down. This eradicates the colour diminishing effects of heat and preserves excellent surface coverage, so the foil’s reflective qualities are fully retained. Make ready costs are slashed by replacing conventional methods and thereby eliminating the need for dies, plates, moulds and other costly materials. With next to no set-up time, short to medium runs are no longer cost prohibitive.

Deploying a wide range of hot and cold industry standard foil films, Scodix Foil works with a variety of substrates, laminated and non-laminated, and coated and non-coated, as well as offset and digital prints and plastics. Applications include business cards, greeting cards, folders, book covers, brochures, labels, packaging and much more.

Venien concludes, “We’re very excited to see the full extent of Scodix Foil capabilities and the sensational products our customers can create with them.”


CEO Olivier Venien says that by introducing Scodix Foil, Micro Lynx cements its competitive edge


Micro Lynx, a 25-year-old digital and offset printing specialist has added a Scodix Foil Station to its workflow


Scodix Foil offers the most colour intensive metallic foils available


Scodix Foil adds a touch of prestige to products according to CEO Olivier Venien

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