Press Release

eBay chooses Scodix SENSE™ to enhance understanding of cross border selling opportunities

SCODIX, ISRAEL, September 27, 2012 – eBay has recently established a local team to support Israel-based merchants that sell via eBay’s marketplace to reach a global customer base of over 104 million active users. To help build greater understanding of the opportunities Israeli businesses have, eBay chose Scodix SENSE™ to add an exclusive prestige feel to their campaign look.

eBay designed and produced a variety of printed gifts, and enhanced each one of them with the Scodix experience.  Chosen for its proven success in making select items stand out; Scodix was applied to the colors of the eBay logo on the printed items. Utilizing the glossy raised selective clear polymer, the Scodix SENSE enhancement provided an unforgettable tangible experience to all those who received the gifts.

“We decided to use Scodix technology for this campaign because we wanted to differentiate our products so they would be remembered. The high quality provided by the Scodix SENSE enhancement allowed our logo to jump out at the receiver in all its colors , while at the same time providing it with an exclusive premium look and feel”, stated
Elad Goldenberg, eBay Israel Business Development ManagerIn order to infiltrate the target Israeli market (companies and organizations in the business community), first impressions not only last, but need to make an immediate impact. Elad continued that “with Scodix’s ability to instantly capture the eye and then interest of its audience it was only natural that we chose Scodix to enhance these gifts for us.”

The variety of gifts included notebooks, calendars, business cards, folders and more. Each item was originally printed on the HP Indigo presses at Eichut Printing in Israel, followed by the enhancement printing on the Scodix S74 Digital Press, where the Scodix SENSE was created. As a result of the CCD camera’s pin-point registration system embedded in all Scodix presses that apply the enhancement precisely to the eBay logo, the high level of glossiness (99 Gloss units) due to the proprietary Scodix clear polymer, and the ability to print elevated elements as high as 250 microns, an unparalleled effect was achieved.

Ziki Kuly, VP of Scodix Marketing, reported thatScodix was pleased to learn that eBay, the world’s leading ecommerce company of all times, chose to support their brand’s image with Scodix technology. “More and more we see companies requesting print enhancements to add value to their products and to create brand or product differentiation for enhanced shelf impact, which Scodix has proven to deliver time and time again.”

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