Power Up Your Print and Sales with Digital Enhancements You Can Feel

When you put something out into the world, you want it to get noticed. That is the primary reason we send things outbound from our organizations; whether your organization is in retail, education, financial and banking services, not-for-profit, B2B sales or the production of hands on products like packaging for consumer goods. These outbound materials could be everything from a flyers to the popular unboxing experience of the latest fashions. For all avenues, the goal is the same—standout.

There are many theories on how to make your print standout. In fact, we have many blogs over the past couple of years that try to touch on the topic. From the impact of the senses to “3 Ways” bite size chunk articles for how you can leverage our technology, Scodix digital enhancement presses, to win more business, create more sales for yourself and your end customers and bring the excitement of creating marketing and communications pieces back to your internal departments.

How do your communications try to standout?

Simple questions, but generally it is a complex answer. One theory that is in use all over the world is one word—color. Yes, color has been said to influence purchasing decisions by as much as 90%. It is why you see more color in print and packaging, especially on store shelves. And speaking of store shelves, that brings us to an interesting tidbit from some recent research on the psychology of touch or the feel of an item.

Recently, RetailDive found that 56% of consumers will still go into a brick and mortar store to feel or touch an item before they buy…even if they are going to ultimately buy online. The takeaway from this is that the power of touch is significant to at least ever other person. And that is a big number if you consider the global population.

Bring this back to Scodix technology and the power of digitally enhanced or embellished print, you can impact the feelings of your recipients by leveraging colors, textures and papers made possible by our digital printing presses. It is proven to power up your print and sales. To experience it, our Before and After Gallery is a great place to start with visuals if you haven’t seen what is possible with digital print enhancement. We have made it possible to add textures to the printed page such as the feeling of a basketball or wood grain. Imagine how your recipients or clients would feel if the piece they interact with augmented the visuals with something you could actually feel. Like sand on the beach in the image for a beach getaway…you get the idea.

For retail packaging, you can attract the eye with foil in a multitude of colors. Adding shine, texture and color is a triple-threat and proven to get products noticed. And now, with our latest announcements in printing technology, print providers now have more access to the technology to create these standout printed pieces.

We recently announced our Scodix Ultra 101 and Scodix Ultra 202 with the goal of making impactful print easier to obtain. This is important for print providers so they can deliver the latest and greatest in printed output, but also important for those marketing and brand managers, designers and print buyer looking for a way to standout. Our blog on the affordability of digital print enhancement has more details on the impact to the market; however, feeling the output is a great way to get excited about the possibilities of digital enhancement print. We invite you to order a sample because as we say, feeling is believing.

Then make sure you reach out to your friendly Scodix expert to start your journey to standout print and more business.

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