Packaging Customers Can’t Resist with the Opportunity for a Personal Touch

Think about all the packages you get. What makes a package memorable for you…is it the color or perhaps some type of finish on it that makes it shiny? It is no secret that when you combine sensory experiences that our human instincts naturally gravitate to wanting to be a part of it or perhaps own it. What some printers might not know is the possibilities and opportunities a Scodix digital printing press could print to their packaging offering. Moreover, if you are a commercial printer, you could be expanding your business in an easy to implement and manageable way.

During this year’s Hunkeler Innovationdays, Deborah Corn – the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse – interviewed our very own Nigel Tracey. Nigel is the Head of Packaging at Scodix and shares during this Print Media Centr Podcast from the Printerverse how Scodix is creating opportunities for their customers. Sometimes in areas that they might not have previously thought of before (be sure to listen to the full podcast below).

Nigel really hits the value of the Scodix offering on the head with this statement…

“Basically, it is about taking an already printed sheet and making it utterly amazing.”

That statement is punctuated by Nigel’s British accent, which you will definitely hear ring through when you listen to the podcast. And it is true, our goal at Scodix is to make print stand out while also making it easy to obtain for printers. To that point Nigel discusses with Deborah the speed at which a printer can go to market when they have a Scodix press. He describes a customer experience with one of the largest book binderies in the world where they were having difficulty producing 380 personalized notebooks for an important event.

The maker wanted something that would be memorable, but also needed it in a few days. Nigel reached out to a Scodix customer and asked if they could help. He made the call on a Thursday and all 380 books were produced and picked up 24 hours later on that Friday. Moreover, they were embellished with foil and the attendees name on each notebook cover. Speed, quality and a lasting impression; that is truly the opportunity that a Scodix digital enhancement press provides.

The packaging press is also flexible with a B1 sheet size (a 41-inch press), it allows for the production of a wide variety of print and packaging. Sheet size isn’t the only variable however, thickness of the substrate and the type of material is also crucial to a competitive printing press. In the podcast, you can listen to Nigel discuss with Deborah the range of thicknesses (up to 650gsm) and the compatibility with a variety of substrates, toner and ink, including Offset, toner, inkjet, uncoated substrates and Flexo.

In addition, the setup times and costs will surprise anyone with experience in the business. Nigel talks about his previous experience in the industry at one of the larger packaging producers, which is why a 10-minute setup time and consistent low cost of setup is something he still gets excited about. Plus, with the introduction of the Scodix Ultra 101, the affordability of accessing digital print enhancement is unmatched by any other technology in the printing industry.

With the Ultra 101, offset and HP Indigo customers are able to bring a Scodix printing press online and get started quickly with digital print enhancement. With retail customers showing six-times more interest and purchase influence when a package includes tactile enhancement from embellishments like foil, Cast & Cure and Scodix Crystal, printers really should not ignore this technology or opportunity to grow their book of business. Add to that the purposeful positioning of the Ultra 101 as an affordable tool for the marketplace and we feel you will find it hard to resist at least looking at adding it to your print shop.

Be sure to listen to the full PMCpodcast with Nigel Tracey, Head of Packaging at Scodix, and start your journey to stand out print and packaging by contacting a Scodix representative. You can also request a sample to experience the power of embellished print in person. Feeling is believing.

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