Market Share You Will Want in Packaging! And Tips on How to Grab It

If you are a Scodix follower, it won’t surprise you that we are passionate about the packaging market—especially folding carton and Web-2-Pack. In fact, if we take a little trip down Scodix Memory Lane, you might remember our announcement launching our newest digital enhancement presses for commercial print, Web-2-Print, Web-2-Pack, and packaging sectors.

The “Cliff Notes” version for those with a passion for packaging was the announcement of the Scodix Ultra 4000 B2 press aimed at helping companies service their growing Web-2-Pack business and for the folding carton markets the Scodix Ultra 5000 B2 press and Scodix Ultra 6000 B1 press, which embellish substrates up to 2mm thick. These specifically designed digital enhancement presses are ideal for the growth markets that PSPs (Print Service Providers) and converters want to gain market share and win opportunities—and Scodix is ready to help.

Let’s take a step back though. Why is this something a PSP and converter should be looking at today? For those looking to grow their print business into new markets, transition their offset to digital enhancement or develop innovative new products for their buyers, the packaging market offers a route to new business. To compliment that, we believe that Scodix offers the solutions to be successful and wow your print and packaging buyers. And we are going to back that up with recent data and success stories.

Data first. At the start of 2021, Smithers announced a new market study The Future of Folding Cartons to 2024. The topline information that grabs the headlines is this:

“New expert forecasting for the market study – The Future of Folding Cartons to 2024 – shows that this value will rise to $145.9 billion and 59.3 million tonnes in 2024. This is equivalent to a global compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% by value and 5.3% by volume; which reflects an acceleration of demand compared to the preceding five years.”

Moreover, this research highlights the markets and capabilities that are key to growth and print provider success. One of these key requirements is premium solutions. They note:

“A key requirement is to have grades that are optimized for the necessary decorative techniques employed for these products. These include superior printing technologies, often gravure; and specialized finishing techniques, such as embossing, and adding holographic films.”

This is an area we specialize in at Scodix, the embellishment and enhancement of printed materials, including packaging. In fact, we offer all those areas of decorative printing techniques in an inline, digital solution that is not only more cost-effective but timelier for your speed to market. Our full range of embellishment applications includes:

  • Scodix Foil
  • Scodix Spot™
  • Scodix Cast&Cure™
  • Scodix Crystals™
  • Scodix Metallic™
  • Scodix Glitter™
  • Scodix Sense™
  • Scodix Uncoated
  • Scodix VDE™
  • Scodix Braille™

For 2021 and beyond, there is market share up for grabs. Now we need to share with you how you can leverage Scodix technology to secure your share. Just in the last few months, we have shared with the world several success stories. The most recent include these below announcements that we hope you will have a moment to investigate further:

Packly Wins Best Packaging at SoloBirra 2021 using Scodix Digital Enhancement

Burger Druck Boosts Packaging Appeal with the First Scodix Ultra 5000 Digital Enhancement Press

Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Delivers Award Winning Packaging Solutions to Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging

The statement from our most recent release with Wancai Smart Packaging highlights the value and the opportunity for those looking to create a standout customer experience with their packaging offerings.

Mr. Yao, Owner of Shenzhen Wancai Smart Packaging, states “Brands are increasingly producing packaging with Scodix Digital Enhancements following the installation of the new Scodix Ultra and in conjunction with our existing Scodix Ultra press. In addition, these same brands have stepped up their design game to make their packaging extremely unique and beautiful. We are even seeing these packages win awards and become collectibles! It is simple, the more unique the packaging, the more value it brings to everyone.”

We invite you to request a sample to experience the power of embellished print and packaging or reach out to one of our Scodix representatives for more information on our company and solutions. We look forward to helping you win more opportunities through the latest digital enhancement print technology.


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