Make 2019 the Year of the Scodified Print Difference

As a new year approaches it is an opportunity to take a step back and look at what you have done and what you want to do in the future. In 2019, make it the year of Scodified print. If you have followed our blog, you know there are many different ways a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press can set your offerings apart from your competitors. This is a good opportunity to point you to some ideas and previous post that can help you get a jump start on the New Year and your plans to succeed.

First, we invite you to look back at our post from January of 2018 entitled: Drive Business in 2018 with Stand Out Enhanced Print and Finishing. In this particular blog we discuss research about digital print enhancement and why it is causing a shift in print buyer behavior and how consumers interact with print that is delivered. It helps remind us how important print is still today; and how it will create business opportunity for your print shop.

Another good read for making sure you are prepared for 2019 talks about Being a Leader in Your Print Organization. In this discussion, we talk about being your print shops influencer in order to help drive innovation and opportunity. In this case the opportunity is a projected 14% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the digital print enhancement market. Read this and be that guiding light to new print techniques, technology and work.

It isn’t just about the effects that you are able to print on the paper, it is also about the paper itself. Scodix has a wide variety of substrates that can be used in a Scodix Ultra2 Digital Print Enhancement Press. More than 200 substrates and that list continues to be expanded. One increasing request from customers is for uncoated stocks, which is why we have listed uncoated papers on our recommended media list. This is just another important differentiator for why a Scodix printing press can open the doors to more business.

Finally, for United States customers the provide mailing services, there is a unique opportunity to save money by leveraging Scodified print and the USPS postal promotions program for tactical, sensory and interactive engagement. In our blog, Two Sure Fire Ways to Save Money with Scodified Print in 2019, we discuss how you can use Scodix technology to qualify for a 2% postal discount on Marketing Mailing and Non-Profit Marketing Mailing. With our printing technology, print shops and designers will find it much easier to design and produce print that not only qualifies for the postal discount program, but also creates lasting engagement and perception.

All of the posts have something in common. They seek to help your print business grow with the application of new print technology that speaks to designers, print buyers and consumers alike. We believe that a Scodix printing press will make that difference in your production environment.

Our team at Scodix has a host of resources to help you evaluate how a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press can help you achieve print success in 2019. We invite you to check out our Before and After Gallery so you can experience digital print enhancement and its impact. We also have webinars to show you how you can leverage our technology for your benefit. Then, you can request your own samples and share them with your team.

We look forward to working with you to help you achieve a stand out 2019. Contact your Scodix expert today.


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