Go from Unknown to Award-Winner with Scodix Foil Enhanced Print

Catching people’s eye today is no easy task; there are recent articles that speak to consumer being exposed to 4,000-5,000 ads per day. A number that is up from the 500 ads per day range in the 1970s. In the print market, there is actually a lot of opportunity to stand out as the decline in mail has created an opportunity for engaging experiences in what is now a less cluttered mailbox. A mailbox that now allows for direct mail response rates that are higher than many other forms of digital communication.

Now, add to the mailbox or in-person experience the ability to affect more than just a consumer’s visual sense. As we wrote this time last fall:

In 2015, Royal Mail published this statistic: “People value something they can touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.”

This value applies to anything your customers might touch, whether it is directly handed to them, mailed or left out for interaction. You can find stats backing this up including that 92% of respondents who felt something as a result of receiving valued mail, did something.

This is important to look back on because it speaks to the heart of the value Scodix offers through the all-new Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press. From nine different digital print enhancement applications, over 200 substrates and an innovative inline, non-stop printing process, Scodix can set you apart in a crowded room of print. Just ask the winners of the 2017 Benjamin Franklin “Benny” award for Digital Enhancement—GotPrint.com.

Based in Toluca Lake, California, GotPrint.com has grown from a small family-run business to a worldwide player in digital print enhancement. With more than 130,000 square feet in California and many locations around the US, Europe and India, they have become a global market provider. And one of their tools for providing the most innovative and high-quality product is Scodix.

This year, they one the “Benny” utilizing the Scodix Foil technology to make their annual Broker’s Product List (BPL) stop people in their tracks. Erina Sookiasian, Website Product Manager, GotPrint, had this to say about the process, technology and result:

“We trusted the Scodix press to UV coat the entire cover of the BPL, to showcase the capabilities of our new system. It allows us to really flaunt our design concept and creativity. In the end, we were so pleased that we distributed over 100,000 of our catalogs to those in the print industry.”

She continued, “Scodix allowed us to combine technology and creativity to present a truly unique piece to demonstrate what GotPrint is all about. The Raised UV feature allowed us to give our products an extra design element with a modern edge. It’s all about the “WOW” effect, and Scodix helped us achieve that with each and every recipient of our 2017 Brokers Product List.”

Bringing this full circle, you can see from GotPrint.com the impact of digital print enhancement can have on the end-recipients experience. Leveraging the knowledge from the Royal Mail study, you can utilize a Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil Station, our most recently announced print advancement, to not just communicate through print, but create a lasting and valuable engagement.

Want to see some examples of Scodified print? Be sure to check out our online gallery or follow us on Instagram. But, as we say, feeling is believing so make sure you visit our website and order your scodified sample today! Our experts are standing by and ready to help you implement Scodix technology to propel you to the top of your customers printer list.

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