Gearing up for 2017: Are You Making the Right First Impression with Your Direct Mail?

The holiday period is here, the elections are over, and seasonal print has been in full swing and likely is being delivered to mailboxes any day. Now you are gearing up for 2017?

There is a lot to think about as you look ahead, including recent information we posted about the 2017 USPS mailing discount programs and how you can take advantage of them to save on postage when you use tactile, sensory and interactive application in your mail pieces.

As you plan to take advantage of these discount programs and leverage other information on the power of the feeling of print—it begs the question: Are you making the right first impression when your mail hits you customers mailboxes?

It is important with your direct mail program to think about the impression you are trying to leave with the recipient. Research from DMA in 2015 concluded that consumers who received a direct mail advertisement were able to recall that advertisement—a 30% higher recall rate than digitally delivered advertisements. This is just one stat that shows the importance of the first impression; combine that with our previous post on the power of pairing the visual experience with the touch experience and there is a lot to think about before you design you next printed piece.

Consider this as well; the DMA found that oversized postcard mailers have the best response rate (4.25%) and direct mail offers one of the better returns on marketing investment, moving the needle to between 15-17%. As you consider those statistics, think about the last few printed pieces you produced for your clients. Have you been able to help them stand out by using optimal sizes for their campaign materials? What about methods of appealing to the senses, such as touch?

Here at Scodix our commercial printing solutions strive to give our customers the technology they need to make the best first impression in direct mail and other types of printed communications. With the Scodix Ultra and Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Presses it is possible, in a single pass or single print process, to embellish the printed piece in order to make a memorable and positive impression. Whether you opt to use the Scodix Sense™ to add embossing, a foil finish or spot varnishes or used the automatic material switching feature to change between up to three different polymers, the Scodix Ultra commercial printing solutions will make your direct mail offerings stand out while keeping costs and production times low.

With up to 9 applications that efficiently run on a single platform, the Scodix Ultra replaces the need to run separate systems on your production floor and allows you to gear up for a successful 2017. Reach out to our expert team and learn how we can help you get there in record time with the latest in digital printing technology.

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