Feeling is Believing: Events to Experience the Scodified Difference in Person

Traditionally, the saying is: “Seeing is believing.” An old saying that dates back to the pre-1700s, one we take to mean you have to see it with your own eyes to actually believe it is true. In the print world, we believe the same thing to be true about digitally enhanced print, but with a little twist. When you have Scodified print, seeing isn’t enough. This is why we say: “Feeling is Believing.”

Over the past several months we have been sharing information through our blog for how you can raise your profile (and get awarded!), print on the unexpected substrates, set yourself apart from the competition and more. However, like our mantra says, it just isn’t the same if you can’t touch it in person. To give you some insight on why the touch aspect is so important, consider this:

Touch Drives Connection and Value
People ask us all the time, why do we focus on touch and the feel of print? For our team at Scodix, it is not only the way we set our clients apart from their competition, but it is also strategic to the way consumers interact with print. In our blog, The 5 Senses and How They Drive Brand Selection, we talk about research that correlated engagement of the senses with first selection of a brand. While in print, it has traditionally been hard to drive more than one connection—sight—with the advancements in digital enhancement printing, and by a Scodix press, you can add touch like that of a Basketball, wood grain or stone. And even internationally, people have responded to research that they value items they can touch 24% more and it influences their feelings about the brand associated with the printed piece. The opportunity for innovative print shops is that while enhanced print is growing, you can still be on the early curve of adoption to win new clients and increased business.

Digitally Enhanced Print is a Game Changer
You have heard “game changer” before. Why is this different? According to KeyPoint Intelligence research (more details in a previous blog here), the digital print enhancement market is expected to grow at 14% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through the year 2020. The punchline is that it represents a market of over 1B dollars. Add to the equation that less than 10% of digital print today uses an additional station for enhancement—including special effects like white inks, spot colors, foil and more—the he key is you have an opportunity to be the influencer in your print buying or production print environment. This in turn will help you drive new opportunities, profit and, ultimately a simplified print workflow process.

Knowing the above, where can you go to see the latest in digitally enhanced print from out Scodix team of experts? There are several events that we have coming up that we hope you will be able to attend. And we will have equipment like our Scodix Ultra2 Digital Enhancement Press on hand so you can see the process from beginning to end. Depending on where you are in the world, consider attending one of the following events:

ExpoPrint 2018 – Latin America
São Paulo – SP – Brazil – March 20-24, 2018
T&C Printing Solutions Partner Booth: 316 & 818

Click here to schedule a demo

Dscoop North America
Grapevine, Texas – March 25-28, 2018
Featuring the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil Enhancement Press

Click here to schedule a demo

Print4All – Italy
Fiera, Milano, Italy – May 29 – Jun 1, 2018
Heidelberg Italia Partner Booth
Featuring the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil Enhancement Press

Click here for show information

What to do next? Make sure you contact us today to find out more about our Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses and capabilities or schedule time to see a demo and meet with us at the events above. We can’t wait to help you get Scodified and open the doors to your business accelerating throughout 2018.

Join us on Twitter (@Scodixsense and #Scodified), Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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