Drive Business in 2018 with Stand Out Enhanced Print and Finishing

It is the start to 2018 and your print shop has goals they want to meet, and if possible, exceed. Our team at Scodix has been working hard to make sure you can drive business in 2018 and set your product apart. Last year, we shared our latest innovations in digital enhancement printing with the launch of the Scodix Ultra2 Pro.

Available with an optional foil station, this next generation machine gives print shops what we call “The Ultimate Multi Material Platform.” If you are wondering why this is important, we invite you to read our earlier blog: Are You Missing Out on the Digital Print Enhancement. The important points include some research we share from KeyPoint Intelligence.

In Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing, the team at KeyPoint Intelligence share how valuable the digital print enhancement market is projected to be by 2020—over a billion dollars. And the growth rate is projected to be double-digits. More importantly for enterprising print shops is the current state of adoption; right now print shops that have the capability to deliver an enhanced print experience through a digital engine are quite small. In fact, KeyPoint estimates that only 10% of digital print volumes use a fifth color station.

This is a huge growth opportunity for printers, one Scodix has leading printing presses available in order to help you grab additional market share. Some of you may be reading this and wondering what exactly qualifies as digital print enhancement. Broadly, this is defined in the industry as white ink, spot colors, fluorescents, and spot/flood coating. You could also extend that to capabilities that add foil, holograms and other inline finishing created with a digital print enhancement press.

Also, keep in mind that capabilities like white ink, spot colors and spot/flood coating are made possible with a fifth color station…something 90% of print shops and your competition don’t have. So, there is growth there and we can see that, but what is the real benefit to you as a print shop manager or owner?

In the Beyond CMYK print study, they share that special effect printing can be a profitable endeavor with buyers willing to pay between 24% and 89% more for digitally enhanced print over traditional CMYK-only work. That is where the ink meets the paper for your print shop. Being able to charge more for stand out print and finishing you have to feel to believe.

Don’t just take our word for it though; one of the most distinguished printers in the New York City metro area saw an opportunity to provide stand out print through digital print enhancement. This is what they had to say:

“GSB Digital is all about innovation…our goal is to always be the technological and service leader. Targeting to a market that extends the spectrum from small shop owners to high-end brands, we’re in a constant battle to deliver that innovation that captures a diverse audience’s attention, but reverberates a city-wide buzz. Our research indicates that Scodix is a production tool that delivers on both fronts. In fact, they take us to a whole new level of finishing and enhancement sophistication,” said Marketing Director Jessica Andersen.

In 2018, change how you attack the problem of growing your print business by discovering the power of digital enhancement printing. Scodix is in your corner with new innovations like the Scodix Ultra2 Pro. Learn more by contacting us today!

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