Demands for Digital Print Enhancement Paves Way for Scodix Ultra2

Predictions about marketplace growth can sometimes be viewed with a critical eye. After all, predictions and forecasts are educated estimates on the performance of a product, industry or economy. Digital print is no different; nor are the innovative markets of digital print enhancement and packaging. In recent blogs, we have talked about the growth of both markets—especially digital print enhancement and the projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14%.

When market growth starts to drive potential value over one-billion dollars by 2020, people start to take notice. Yet, we still are a little suspect of whether that will really happen as print providers, buyers and consumers. That is, unless we see changes in the products, technology and sales within that market. Changes that are tangible to our own understanding and ecosystem.

At Scodix, we are seeing the market demands for high-quality digital print enhancement increase. And it is in alignment with the evolution of our premier digital presses. In November 2017, we introduced the Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press. It is known around our labs as “The Ultimate Multi Material Platform.” It is also the only platform capable of producing nine different applications, on the largest variety of substrates with quality, flexibility and productivity. You can catch up on our full press release here.

Why is this important? Scodix users weren’t able to start upgrading until 2018; but with the arrival of the New Year clients were interested in making the switch. The switch represents an effort to keep up with the demand of the markets these providers serve. One of our early clients to upgrade was Dreamworks Graphic Communications, LLC out of Chicago. We announced their move to our latest Ultra2 platform in February of this year, but it is the reason behind the switch that should make others in the industry take notice…and take a closer look at the market growth predictions.

Dreamworks had this to say about their purchase of the Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press:

“Our Ultra Pro unit has proven to be a solid production machine for our shop, and we have benefitted greatly from the investment,” said Dan Luka, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreamworks. “This dynamic system allows us to address a wider range of materials and polymers. As our business has expanded, we’ve gotten requests for all types of projects, produced on all types of substrates. Now, the Scodix Ultra2 Pro with foil, will open even more capabilities allowing us to change between polymers fitting specific substrates in a very short time. It’s a testament that demand has grown this rapidly once our customers have seen what we can offer with our Scodix.”

Trying to predict and forecast a market is difficult work and it doesn’t always turn out the way analysts and providers want it to. In the Digital Print market, we can say that we are seeing actual market demands through the lens of our clients that provide differentiated print products every day. When you look back at research, like that from Keypoint Intelligence and their Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing report, whole markets start to open up.

With less than 10% of digital print volumes using a fifth color station and 47% of print buyers believing that it is necessary to have those options available to them to create stand out print, now is the time to look at the latest print technology. The good news is our team at Scodix is here to help. Take your first steps toward Scodified print by contacting one of our team members today or request a print sample. As we say, “Feeling is believing.” We look forward to helping you and your team open doors to future print success.

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