Are Substrates the Key to Print Success in 2017?

Substrates. It seems like such a technical and impersonal word, but in truth, it could be the key to unlocking a whole new market for your print business in the coming New Year. What we really mean when we use the technical term “substrates” is the actual material that is being printed on. When we talk about it, the problem is we just don’t have a better word for how to describe the difference between printing on paper, PVC, folding carton stock and other flexible packaging materials. Substrates do represent something exciting, though!

Looking into the future, the Scodix team feels that there is a lot of value in being able to print on different substrates. In previous post we have shared research that supports engaging as many of the senses as possible; the outcome of this type of sensory engagement is the link to driving better brand retention. It also has been noted as a motivator in making people choose a brand as their first choice.

Substrates come into play when we talk about the sensation of touch. With substrates, you get a different tactile feeling when using different paper weights and different types, like glossy cardstock, linen or a bond paper. Of course, if you want to get a little more extravagant and touch the senses, you could opt to use a PVC stock (plastic in everyday speak). And then there is the ability to print on what is effectively cardboard—something we refer to as carton stock. The end goal is truly being able to offer your print clients the type of impression they want without having to outsource or worse, turn them away.

This is where the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Presses are leading the industry in flexible, efficient and high-quality printing. With the Ultra and Ultra Pro presses you can enable your print business to handle a wide variety of substrates including up to 675 gsm and a micron thickness up to 700. In addition, you can use PVC, carton stock and more. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is how we have been able to help our customers like Eichut Digital Printing Ltd.

Eichut Digital Printing uses the Scodix Ultra to print a wide variety of materials including brochures, business cards, books, folders and flexible packaging. According to the company’s CEO, “There really are too many applications to count.” The important feature to note for those not familiar with the Ultra family of presses is that they can print this wide variety of media and applications on one single print platform. This is a significant benefit over the traditional method that requires a multi-step process, multiple machines and a lot of added cost and time.

In fact, the Scodix Ultra and Ultra Pro Digital Enhancement Presses enable 9 different applications from a single platform. These applications include Variable Data Print, dimensional print with Crystals and Braille, and different kinds of finishes like gloss, matte and spot varnish.

As we head into 2017, let our team here at Scodix help your business provide more options for your clients and meet your goals to grow as a business. Contact us today!

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