Scodix Rainbow

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Scodix Rainbow™ –
All that glitters can be gold!


The Scodix Rainbow™ is the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station that works together with the Scodix S Series digital enhancement presses to produce the Scodix Digital-Glittering™ experience. The Scodix Rainbow allows you to differentiate your print products by offering new and exciting possibilities to customers, leading to new applications and higher margin opportunities. The Rainbow station prints glitter on selected areas, creating a sparkling, shiny experience that brings the glamour of glitter in graphic communications to digital printing.

The Rainbow works with substrates printed on offset, digital (HP Indigo), or laminated
from 297 x 420 mm ( 11.7 x 16.5 in. ) to 340 x 500 mm (13.4 x 19.7 in.)

Market Segments

With the Scodix Digital-Glittering technology, commercial printers can now increase their clients’ satisfaction with the glitter treatment:

  • Photo albums and other W2P applications
  • Greeting cards and event invitations
  • Packaging – kids game boxes
  • Premium promotional marketing items
  • Business cards, gift cards
  • Book covers including children books
  • School materials – calendars, school diary, notebooks

The Glitter effect is a proven attraction for a wide variety of consumers, especially high-range luxury packages and children just cannot get enough of it! With the Scodix Rainbow in-house, you can both generate demand and supply it, not only cost-effectively, but at a premium.

How does it work?

The patent-pending Scodix Rainbow™ is a dedicated UV station enabling printing with UV polymer and glitter in any color or transparency. In the process, a special type of PolySENSE™ made by Scodix is applied to paper, PVC, laminated materials and more, followed by a standard glittering powder waterfall. Using the revolutionary Scodix SENSE™ printing process, the Scodix Rainbow™ station transforms a print product into a magical wonderland.

Customers and designers can preview the Scodix Rainbow™ glitter effect on a screen using Scodix SPARK™, dedicated software, even before the print is made. The Scodix SPARK has been designed with Web2Print applications in mind, such as photo albums, wedding invitations, greeting cards and more.

A green Rainbow
In-house, environmentally friendly, with no VOC emissions, plates, molds, or chemicals, the Scodix Rainbow is an Eco-Friendly station that prints runs of any size on demand. The Scodix Rainbow station is attached to any of the Scodix S line of digital enhancement presses. The complete setup is a near line solution for the offset and digital color platforms available in the market.

Variable data capabilities

The Scodix Rainbow™ supports VDP (Variable Data Printing) with an easy setup process.